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Strategically driven. Creatively inspired. Ambitiously led.

About Us

Bombay Collective is a full service boutique design and digital communications  brand based out of Mumbai. We’re a collective of creative troopers – strategists, designers, developers and copy writers who love to ideate, create content, campaigns and experiences for our brands and their audiences. We’re a young and ambitious team of storytellers, innovators, explorers, bathroom singers, meme lovers, high-fivers, fries eaters, ice-cream guzzlers, binge watchers who will help you in all the stages of the realization of your project: strategy, design, web development and communication.

We challenge our clients. We’re not the yes sir people. We’ll tell you if the timeline is too tight, hell we’ll even say no to work if it’s not the right fit and we’ll also admit when we’re wrong – simply because we want to make the decisions that are best for your brand and create work we are proud of. It might pinch a bit, but in the long run, you’ll thank us for it.

From a single line of copy to elaborate digital experiences, we won’t compromise on quality. It’s why we won’t be pressured into making poor decisions, rushing jobs or cutting corners and we want to work with clients that believe in the same philosophy.

Our Process


Every Bombay Collective project begins with having a coherent understanding of your brand, analysis of the market trends, competitive landscape and the target audience. We want to know everything about you: where you started, where you want to go from here, who are your customers and why do they/should they care about you.


After a clear understanding, we like to work hand in hand with our clients to collectively define and map out goals, strategies, solutions, and best mediums of communication and metrics for success. We ensure each step is the right fit and every solution is planned down to the final launch to achieve end goals.

Design, Develop & Execute

This phase involves creating a delicate balance between form and function – visualisation and execution of engaging designs and development of interactive solutions that are always audience first. We build prototypes and work through rounds to perfect the solution, then get your green light towards final design and codes.


Time to push the creative design into live mode. Using a variety of medias, we engage with the audience and reach out to them where they live. We find ways to increase brand awareness, communicate, build communities and drive sales. And when all elements have been perfected, we deploy, produce, and hit the ground running.

Test & Evolve

Through as well as after the completion of a project, we take time to understand the results. We look at the metrics, understand key insights and implement adjustments to better the project. When the project ends, our relationship sure doesn’t. We’re always around for support, drinks, or to discuss your next big idea.


Voila! Happy clients call for celebration. A glass of bubbly or a big high five! We take pride in our client’s success, it’s what motivates us to go further.

Our Building Block

About Our Founder

A self confessed digital obsessed, Dhriti started the brand Bombay Collective with a passion to create design and digital solutions for brands to establish themselves online. Her vision was simple: To craft solutions that are more than aesthetics. Designs that solve problems and work on the philosophies of usability and accessibility.

Having done Masters in Commerce & Management, and having worked a couple of years in corporate companies as well as agencies, she has got to work with some great brands such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, T Bhimjyani, FC Goa, Mahindra Lifespaces, Kyoorius and more. Given her background, she is personally involved in decision making and strategising on each projects with the team.

She has taken her love for design and tech one step ahead and also runs a fashion and lifestyle driven e-commerce store that deals with Women’s Fashion at www.andotheressentials.com.